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Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:12 pm by feathertail
Just a quick reminder to all campers to reply to characters' bio forms when they are no longer in use as characters to let us know that fact so we can keep the collection up to date, and also to reply in the Faceclaim, Who's Who, and Cabin lists so that we can work as efficiently as possible!

Thank you,

The Admin Team

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 Quinton Emery

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Lone Soldier


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Character sheet
Name: Quinton Emery
Godly Parent: Deimos
Years of Camp: 3

PostSubject: Quinton Emery    Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:38 am

Name: Quinton Emery
Nickname?: Quinn
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality:Slightly Sadistic(Like to scare people) Stubborn, Strong and Honorable. He Is Very Silent and Is focused on Reading and Training. Sometimes he write poetry to expose his thought and inner feelings because he doesn't like people. He is Brooding and Reserved. He speaks his mind all the time. He doesn't have restraints because its for the weak (What he believes. Along with Sports etc.) Quin rather be Hated and Feared then Loved and Respected. He is very much a softy n the inside be he was raised alone and picked on so he is hateful.
Looks: Tall, Skinny Muscular on the lean side, Tan, Black Hair that look red in the light, Little bit curly at the ends that covers his ears and some of his Brown Eyes.
God parent: Deimos, God of Fear
Power(s)?: Able to learn and Somewhat Imitate/ Predict Enemies Attacks and fighting styles. He is very good a Intimidating people and scaring them. Has something Like Charmspeak but for Fear factor he calls "Feartalk"
Backstory: His Mother Died at Birth and was adopted by her Uncle. His Uncle knew Quinn's father was a God. Quinn's Uncle was in the military and taught Quinn his ways. He learned how to fight and was basically breed to fight in War on anywhere. He Uncle Never wanted to be a father and didnt't know what to do. He did his best. He taught about Strength and Honor. Quinn was never the strong type. He knew how to fight but he was small and vulnerable when he was young. Quinn always resorted to Violence and kept to himself. Which lead to bullies and when he fought he was looked as a bully. Understood and hated when he hit 13 his Uncle told him who was his father and Quinn was confused. He ran to the local park to think and was found by a Nymph. She took him to CHB somewhere he could be Himself in peace. He has been there training to be Great Since.
Strengths: Great Fighter, Doesn't like when People pick on the weak. Fearless and will fight anything anytime. He knows how to avoid a fight when needed using Feartalk he has learned in his time a Camp. Very fast and precise. Very Loyal.
Weaknesses: Stubborn and to quick to do something when he puts his mind to it. If he believes in something he goes right in. sometimes when he fights he enters a Rage and losses all control. At that point he wants to destroy. Hard to change and too blunt.
Weapon(s): A Stygian Iron Spear. (Also a Masque that depicts a Scary Crow. It boosts his Feartalk and can somtimes when he wears it causes people who look at him to see frightful things causing them to surrender.)
Other?: (I am not gonna be using any of my previous Characters. This will be a clean slate. Quinn is now the only one for now.)
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Justin Henderson

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Name: Logan Henderson
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PostSubject: Re: Quinton Emery    Sun Dec 13, 2015 5:28 pm


RIP Disney
"Lights will guide you home." -Coldplay


Justin Henderson - 16 - Zeus - Dating Dawn Haven - Faceclaim: Josh Hutcherson
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Jonathan Henderson - 17- Aphrodite - Single - Faceclaim: N/A
Landry Henderson - 17 - Aglaia - Single - Faceclaim: Emma Stone
Daniel Henderson - 15 - Poseidon - Dating Talia Spring - Faceclaim: Jake T. Austin
Jordan Patterson - 14 - Ares - Dating Skylar Montgomery - Faceclaim: Cameron Dallas
Jordyn Patterson - 17 - Ares - Dating Nathan Hale - Faceclaim: Shay Mitchell
Christopher Henderson - 14 - Hermes - Dating Josie Flynn - Faceclaim: Shawn Mendes
Leo Henderson - 15 - Eros - Dating Hadley Carter - Facelaim: Leonardo Di Caprio
Nicollette Henderson - 13 - Nike - Single - Faceclaim: Kaitlyn Dever
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Quinton Emery
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