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Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:12 pm by feathertail
Just a quick reminder to all campers to reply to characters' bio forms when they are no longer in use as characters to let us know that fact so we can keep the collection up to date, and also to reply in the Faceclaim, Who's Who, and Cabin lists so that we can work as efficiently as possible!

Thank you,

The Admin Team

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 Caspar Day

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Ella Griffith


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Name: Ella Griffith
Godly Parent: Athena
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PostSubject: Caspar Day   Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:34 pm

Name: Caspar
Nicknames: Casp, Cas, Caspy
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Personality: Generally optimistic and happy, Caspar is full of life and energy and is always playing the clown. He can often be childish and seem unable to take anything seriously as well as being full of himself. This leads a lot of people to find him slightly annoying, however in reality, that is just his way of covering up his insecurities.
Looks: My kindle will not let me upload images but I will do that asap.
Godly Parent: Hermes
Powers: He is very fast and athletic and is a good thief and pickpocket.
Backstory: Caspar was born in Britain but moved to Western Cape to live with his stepfather he was 9. He grew up with his mother and a mortal older sister, Dora. Although he was popular at school and had many friends, he never really had anyone he was really close to or trusted and he secretly felt that he didn't fit in. He gets on well with his mother and sister and sometimes goes home to visit them but hates his stepfather.
Strengths: His speed, his general athleticism, his optimistic outlook and an inability to hold grudges.
Weaknesses: Low self-esteem, can be annoying, easily distracted and lacks concentration.
Weapons: Celstial bronze sword and dagger from his father.
Other: Very tall, loves Pizza, is best friends with Joe Solace, has severe ADHD and is dyslexic.
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Cordelia Lancaster

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PostSubject: Re: Caspar Day   Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:53 pm

Used to be Adriane Serine/Alyssa Serrano

Cordelia Lancaster

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Caspar Day
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