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Roslyn Noel Icon_minitimeSat Dec 03, 2016 1:12 pm by feathertail
Just a quick reminder to all campers to reply to characters' bio forms when they are no longer in use as characters to let us know that fact so we can keep the collection up to date, and also to reply in the Faceclaim, Who's Who, and Cabin lists so that we can work as efficiently as possible!

Thank you,

The Admin Team

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 Roslyn Noel

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Lilith Beaulieu

Lilith Beaulieu

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PostSubject: Roslyn Noel   Roslyn Noel Icon_minitimeSun Jun 28, 2015 2:08 am

Name: Roslyn Noel
Nickname?: Rose
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Rose is bold, sometimes to the point of stupidity. She will be completely honest with her friends, never seeing any positives in lying. She is also incredibly loud, and definitely extroverted. She feels boredom at an intense level, usually needing to have something to keep her busy. This being said, she is also incredibly sporadic and as a result of this, the majority of her decisions are based on impulse. Roslyn is also a social butterfly, partying probably being her favorite activity.
Looks: Roslyn Noel La-modella-mafia-cara-delevingne-x-style_comprint-springsummer-2013-photographed-by-matt-irwin-3
Roslyn looks like a typical California girl with tan skin and highlighted dirty blonde hair. Her looks would be described more as striking than beautiful, and as a result of this as well as her lanky frame, she has been recruited as a model more than once. If she ever wants to go on a vacation, she usually does a few jobs to pay for it. Though she is lanky, her figure is also a fairly athletic one because she is an avid runner.
Godly parent: Zeus
Power(s)?:Aerokinesis, Electrokinesis, Atmokenisis
Backstory: She grew up in California for the majority of her childhood with her mother, an entrepreneur, while being substantially wealthy. However, due to being incredibly stubborn and disruptive in class, she constantly switched schools. They moved to New York City when she was 11, only worsening her behavioral issues. She attended a stuck-up, rich girl school. She detested it, wanting nothing more than to run away and meet people without rich daddies. She skipped most of her classes and began to cause the relationship between her and her mother to slowly decay. Her mother was incredibly focused, reaching success from a poor family; Roslyn, on the other hand, had virtually no drive or desire to do anything worthwhile. Having always been drawn to stormy and rainy weather because of her lineage(unknown to her at the time), she promised herself that she would skip her classes on rainy days. One day, however, she was attacked by a minotaur at her elite prep school, only able to defeat it by summoning a large lightning bolt on a whim. The school was thus demolished, leaving both Roslyn and her mother in shame. Her mother had withheld the truth of Roslyn’s birth in an attempt to raise her normally; after the minotaur incident, she decided to tell Roslyn the truth. As a result of this, she ran away to Camp Half-Blood, being 13 at the time. She quickly befriended much of the other campers and staff and became a year-round camper. After being in so many location where she never fit in, Camp Half-Blood became her home. She still keeps minimal contact with her mother, though it’s not desired by either party.
Strengths: She gets along with mostly everyone, those though she dislikes she dislikes with a passion. She is a natural leader because of this. She is also very strong in combat, being quite well versed in swordfighting. She is incredibly loyal to those she holds dear and will do anything to protect them.
Weaknesses: She often jumps into situations unprepared, due to a lack of planning. Also, due to being more agility and speed-based, she lacks general strength. She is also sometimes too trusting or spiteful of others; though she is an optimist, she expects good out of people she really shouldn’t.
Weapon(s): Laurus, a longsword

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Cordelia Lancaster
Cordelia Lancaster

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PostSubject: Re: Roslyn Noel   Roslyn Noel Icon_minitimeSun Jun 28, 2015 2:09 am

Roslyn Noel UQXt4Z0

Used to be Adriane Serine/Alyssa Serrano

Roslyn Noel Tumblr_n214e3U5Q91tnv4d1o9_540

Cordelia Lancaster

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Roslyn Noel
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