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Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:12 pm by feathertail
Just a quick reminder to all campers to reply to characters' bio forms when they are no longer in use as characters to let us know that fact so we can keep the collection up to date, and also to reply in the Faceclaim, Who's Who, and Cabin lists so that we can work as efficiently as possible!

Thank you,

The Admin Team

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 Alyssa Serrano

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PostSubject: Alyssa Serrano   Thu Dec 18, 2014 12:08 am

Name: Alyssa Taylor Serrano

Nicknames: Lyssy, Lys, Lyssa, Lyssie

Age: 17 | May 2nd

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: ESFJ - The Caregiver
Alyssa is mainly classified by her bubbly, ditzy, and sweet nature. You can always find her laughing and smiling, hoping to please the others around her and raise their spirits. She loves being around varieties of people and enjoys the company of whoever, acquaintance or best friend, and always has time for being social. It’s hard to put her in a bad mood too, but even if you do she’ll try to shrug it off. Which leads to her internal problem. A lot of negative emotions she feels are hidden away inside of her, the happiness she gives towards others being a front. Over the years she's gotten so used to hiding behind a smile, it’s even gotten to the point she’s become overdramatic with her fake happiness. This is because Alyssa is afraid to burden people with her issues and also because she’s not sure how to deal with it, mostly because she never had a role model in her life. Also because of the lack of role model or even education she’s not very smart and wise on subjects other than music, plays, healing methods, and monsters. She’s also very immature for her age and tends to be sensitive and child-like. However, one known thing about her is the loyalty and dedication she possess. This is by far her best feature.


God parent: Apollo

*Photokinesis: Able to generate and manipulate light in it’s natural state or to become tangible. Like this she can create shields, orbs, light-boards, multiple weapons, etc. out of tangible light.
*Minor healing: Can heal burns, cuts, and bruises along with pain decently. It drains her and she cannot heal large wounds and fractures to bones.
Emotion singing”: When activated she can change and alter the moods of those around her depending on what she sings.
Minor powers....
*Can speak in any accent and can copy other's voices.
*Naturally good at bow and arrow, but doesn't like using it.
*Very talent singer, can change her tone and pitch very easily along with having a very wide singing scale.


And since then she's been living at Camp Halfblood. She hardly ever leaves, and when she did it was for a quest specifically given to her to lead. Which, ended decently but resulted in a permanent dirty blonde hair color after a freak accident with a strawberry. Later, a Poseidon boy who was staying for the summer quickly led her on in a relationship. She wasn't aware of how wrong it was and later, on her sixteenth birthday she was taken out of camp, convinced to let them have sex despite knowing nothing of what it was, and then later left and never came back--leaving her in a mix of negative emotions.

*Kindness: Kind to everyone until proven otherwise.
*Upbeat attitude
*Dedication: Will not stop until the very end, will never give up easily.
*Loyalty: To her friends and family, she will never give up on anyone and is very trustworthy.
*Trained: Been at camp for 7 years, has been training there since.

*Rebelious: Has a hard time following rules.
*Bold/Self-centered like her father at times.
*Hidden emotions: Stored away negative feelings that she refuses to “burden” anyone else with.
*Fake smiles: A lot of her happiness is faked and forced.

Weapon(s): Prophemi, sword made of solid light. | Sunny, her bow that appears whenever it wants.

*Fears include: Snakes, blood, strawberries, hates small spaces or being locked up, losing people she cares for.
*Alyssa's hair was actually dark brown before she ate a magical strawberry on her first quest and it became blonde forever.
-Hair dye, magical hair dye, trimming, or anything that will mess with her hair does not work on her hair. It will always turn back to it's normal length and blonde color.
*She hates her father and tries to stay away from his as much as possible.
*She has an obsession with Pegasi (she also has one named Delphi) and Bumblebees.
*Lyssy has also been at camp for 7 years.

Used to be Adriane Serine/Alyssa Serrano

Cordelia Lancaster

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Alyssa Serrano
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