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Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:12 pm by feathertail
Just a quick reminder to all campers to reply to characters' bio forms when they are no longer in use as characters to let us know that fact so we can keep the collection up to date, and also to reply in the Faceclaim, Who's Who, and Cabin lists so that we can work as efficiently as possible!

Thank you,

The Admin Team

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 Site Rules

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Cordelia Lancaster

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:30 am

Please read all the rules, thank you!
These rules are subject to change without notice as our community expands.

1. Do not Godmod and/or Powerplay! Please check this guide for more information on it.

2. Swearing/cursing is allowed on the site. However, there are limits.

  • Ass, Piss (like piss off), Bitch, Shit, Damn, Slut, Dick/Vagina (refrain from talking about someone's actual genitalia in an inappropriate manner, ie. sexual intercourse) , Hell, Frick/Fricken, are allowed.
  • F word, C, N, along with the words "retarded" (for reasons that should be obvious) are not allowed and can/will lead to perma bans.

3. You are allowed to have 10 Half-Blood characters to prevent excessiveness. Please check this guide if you plan on having 2+ characters.
*Also, PLEASE do not make another account just so you can have more characters.
*If siblings choose to use the site, you must let us know so we don't mistake you for a multiple account and delete you.

4. Please respect every camper here. That means you are not allowed under any circumstance to offend, bully, threaten, harass, or put down any members here. Action will be taken if you do.

5. Refrain from acting like an Admin or Moderator on this site ("back seat modding"). We are all knowledgeable about our duties, but if you have a concern or an issue just PM an Admin or a Mod. We shall deal with it as soon as possible. In addition, you can always use the Report button if someone is breaking the rules.

6. Do not steal anything from this site. Any stories, characters, artwork, etc. belong to the site and the members on it. If you want permission to use something like a guide or the rules please PM Tessa first!

7.  Use proper grammar. It's hard for people to understand improper grammar, and it's unlikely that a demigod would use l33tspeak or lolspeak. This includes stuff like a character saying "brb" or "lol." Even minor grammar issues and spelling should be fixed. 

8. Signature size should not exceed 5  lines, so that they don't compose the majority of threads. Use or to shorten URL lengths. Images are fine, just so long as they don't take up a whole lot of space. 600x250 is the image limit.

9. Character romance is fine, but remember, these are children/teens (in the eyes of the RPG) and demigods, so anything major is out of the question such as marriage and sexual interactions.

10. Now that the site is rebooted, the mention of drinking is allowed but not recommended because of how young they are. But then again I cannot stop your characters. Also this is a more mature site now, so mature topics can be minorly mentioned but no in depth talk. Keep it classy, folks. Know the limits.

11. Any self-destructive act performed by a character is strictly forbidden due to the possibly triggering content of the aforementioned act. Also, any and all mental disorders, terminal illnesses, and other sensitive subjects must be discussed with the staff so as to avoid any triggering content. If in doubt, ask.

12. Necessary and Proper Clause: Anything that could even be slightly questionable (as to RPing or otherwise) must be brought to admins' attention, who will discuss it and deliver their verdict. If it looks wrong, sounds wrong, or feels wrong, then it's probably wrong.

13. Follow each of these rules and have fun! (:

Warning System:
S1- Warning
S2- Warning + Chatbox ban for x amount of days
S3- Warning + x day Ban (usually 1-3 days)
S4- Perma Ban

*Please note that certain situations may lead to skipping of steps. All warnings and Perma bans will and must be justified with reason, an explanation will be sent in the warnings to make issues clear.
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Site Rules
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